Meets Israel

Ms. Eddie, a friend of Avra's from the city pound, comes to visit the trio. EZ tells the story of Jacob and Rachel to Scooter, Avra, Ms. Eddie, and Cade. Find out what happens when Jacob wrestles with an angel.
(Gen. 29:1 - Gen. 36:43)

Review from Tate Editor

Congratulations for coming out with The BackYard Trio: Meets Israel.


As with the previous book, you did a good job in integrating the Bible story of Jacob within a story that is engaging, simple, and just right for children.


The story works well for your intended audience as sentence construction and choice of words are developmentally appropriate while writing style is simple and direct. All these contribute to the overall effectiveness of the story.


We find all the elements working well together, making The BackYard Trio Meets Israel one great read for children.