The Ol' Switcheroo

Cindy Poo the Squirrel listens to EZ tell the story about Isaac and Rebekah's twin, Jacob and Esau, to Avra and Scooter. Jacob lands himself in trouble with Esau, and goes away to his Uncle Laban's house. Hear about the strange dream Jacob has along the way.

(Gen 25:21 - Gen 28:22)

Review from Tate Editor

Congratulations for coming out with The BackYard Trio – The Ol’ Switcheroo. You do a good job in presenting a story that is suitably framed for young audiences: First, the use of animals will surely capture children’s interest, given their innate affinity for furry creatures. Second, word choice and sentence structure are simple and easy to understand. Finally, story line is uncomplicated and direct, allowing for easy comprehension.

We find no significant concern to point out in your story as we find all the elements working well together, making The BackYard Trio – The Ol’ Switcheroo a truly engaging read for children.